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Sunday, December 25, 2011

[ENG SUB] Uljjang Shi Dae Season 3

Kindly refrain from uploading and downloading the videos. Please do not post the link in any other forums or website as well.

The quality of videos uploaded below is very poor. I've re-done the videos with better quality and without the VSpirit text on the screen however I don't have the copies with me right now. Will make sure to upload once I am back.

You can watch 'em from this website.
Ep 1 Part1 HERE.
EP1 Part2 HERE
EP1 Part3 HERE
EP1 Part4 was blocked by CU Media.. I won't be able to upload this video anytime soon since I don't have the copy here.

I am unable to post videos as I am currently out of the country. I left all copies of the videos in my computer. I will surely update this listing by the time I get home. I will try to make it up... 


Rila Rila said...

it'd be great if you subbed season 3! ^^

nanininananu94 said...

please subbed english for ulzzang shidae season 3 :)

Keyts said...

Please sub the other episodes too Q_Q

DreamHighAuthor said...

Please sub the other episodes, I've been waiting for like 2 years? Please please please please! *U*

Shania Dawson said...

Please do the rest of the episodes, its been a while since you went on vacation right?

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